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Download Build Real World Application with Xamarin Forms Part 3 Course By Udemy

What you'll learnBe able to build any app you want in xamarin formsWork as a freelance xamarin forms developerCreate your first xamarin forms real world applicationBuild fully-fledged apps for your startup or businessConsume Restful api'sConsume Third Party UI ControlsRequirementsYou should be familiar with C# and Xamarin Forms. Because knowledge ...

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Download Build Real World Application with Xamarin Forms Part 2 Course By Udemy

What you'll learnBe able to build any app you want in xamarin formsWork as a freelance xamarin forms developerCreate your first xamarin forms real world applicationBuild fully-fledged apps for your startup or businessCreate & Consume Restful api'sImplement Security inside the Rest api'sRequirementsYou should be familiar with C#. Because knowledge ...

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Download Learn MVVM in Xamarin Forms and C# Course By Udemy

What you'll learnBe able to build xamarin forms apps with MVVMLearn the complete fundamentals of MVVM and MVVM PrismCreate Quotes Application with MVVM PrismResolve Dependencies via Unity IOC ContainerTake your C# and Xamarin skills to a professional levelRequirementsYou should be familiar with C#. Because knowledge of C# is must for this ...

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Download Xamarin.Forms Projects eBook By Packtpub

Set up a machine for Xamarin developmentGet to know about MVVM and data bindings in Xamarin.FormsUnderstand how to use custom renderers to gain platform-specific accessDiscover Geolocation services through Xamarin EssentialsCreate an abstraction of ARKit and ARCore to expose as a single API for the gameLearn how to train a model for ...

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Download Xamarin iOS - A Master Guide to App Development in C# By Udemy

Complete Xamarin.iOS Reference for Building iOS Apps in C#. Web Calls, Images, Controls, Animations and Much More! What you'll learnUnderstand how to make Xamarin iOS AppsBe able to leverage the most common coding requirements for Xamarin iOS AppsWork with web callsWork with Xamarin Designer RequirementsYou will need a Mac or an OS X virtual ...

C# , Xamarin , IOS
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Download Building Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with Xamarin and Visual Studio LiveLesson (Video Training): Share your apps code base between iOS, Android and Windows Phone By Oreilly

Video Description 7+ Hours of Video Instruction Learn how to build cross-platform apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone in C# using a single code base from the comfort of your own Visual Studio with this video training course from Chris Sells. Description This course will show you how to build a real-world mobile app targeting iOS, Android ...

Xamarin , Android , IOS , Other
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Download Xamarin: The Big Picture By Pluralsight

This course shows you the building blocks of Xamarin, Microsoft’s solution for building mobile applications that run on any device and on any platform, and you will be able to decide whether or not it's something for you to invest in.Description Using Xamarin, you can create cross-platform mobile applications for the 3 major mobile platforms: iOS, ...

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Using the Xamarin.Forms Shell

This course will introduce you to Shell, you will learn everything from custom search capabilities to writing a custom renderer for Shell, a new way of creating Xamarin.Forms apps.Description Creating apps take time, and in the world of technology creating applications at speed is crucial. In this course, Using the Xamarin.Forms Shell, you will ...

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Moving Beyond the Basics with Xamarin.Forms

Xamarin.Forms enables you to write cross-platform mobile apps from a shared codebase. This course will teach you how to add capability to the built-in controls, display data eloquently, and access the underlying native platforms to build great apps.Description At the heart of a great Xamarin.Forms mobile app is the ability to customize the user ...

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Android and UWP development using Xamarin forms

What you'll learnXamarin forms developmentXamarin forms for androidXamarin forms for uwp RequirementsC# knowledgeVisual studio Description This course will get you started with xamarin development in a very straighforward way - meaning it will not take a lot of your time. The course focuses on things that are comonly used, things that are ...

Xamarin , Android
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Working with Local Data in Xamarin.Forms

At the core of high quality mobile app development with Xamarin.Forms is an understanding of how to store data locally. In this course, you'll learn about different local data storage options, and how they can improve your app's performance.Description Mobile apps that don't leverage local data storage for caching and offline access often present ...

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Integrating Google Maps into Xamarin.Forms Apps

Adding maps to an app are a great way to enhance its usability and feature set. This course will focus on adding Google Maps to an existing Xamarin.Forms app.Description Implementing customized maps into Xamarin.Forms apps isn't the most straightforward process. In this course, Integrating Google Maps into Xamarin.Forms Apps, you’ll learn ...

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Rapid Application Development with Xamarin and Azure App Service

Course detailsModern apps involve dozens, if not hundreds, of different technologies. Tools like Xamarin and Azure can reduce the number you need to learn to make modern, cross-platform apps. They eliminate a lot of backend infrastructure and coding and enable you to get apps out to your users more quickly. Learn how to build your own rapid mobile ...

Programming , Xamarin , Mobile , Other
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Xamarin: Code Once on C#, Build Android AND iOS Apps

About This Class Learn the basics of creating both Android and iOS applications using Xamarin, for reusing up to 75% code. Plus, empower your apps with Cloud-based services! Build Android and iOS apps that are empowered by cloud services with up to 75% code sharing between platforms.The Basics of the Xamarin PlatformLearning the C# Programming ...

Xamarin , Android , IOS
11 74 2019/10/23 1
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